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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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and i'm. going to counseling i'm lauren lyster.
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being overly dramatic. i did sign for shelley talent tonight's program now last time we told you about the democrats and republicans coming together to free up free trade agreements for these types of agreements help her u.s. economy producer patrice in a sense you to find out you have said. this friday president obama is expected to sign trade agreements with south korea and among colombia making the group of agreements the biggest trade deal since nafta ninety four now the u.s. department of commerce website says that free trade agreements have proof to be one of the best ways to open foreign markets to u.s. exporters. but seventeen years later it is as controversial as ever so we want to
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know what you thought do you believe that these trade agreements will help or hurt the u.s. economy a mile said and the f.d.a. for the u.s. is a lose lose situation the u.s. is importing stuff it doesn't need and looking to export other stuff to other countries that can make it even cheaper a large grain of salt said great now we get to compete with a country where you pull our kilt for trying to organize unions and corporations will get to hide their money and not pay us taxes all this while moving more jobs out of the country can told us it will hurt the economy there is no free trade in america that helps people only the rich tell me idle at is if you think free trade agreements help the us economy then you show move to china and work in a sweat shop because that's the only way we would be able to say that our products are american made so the majority who wrote in did not think more free trade agreements were going to help the us economy in fact back in november of two
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thousand and ten a pew research study found that shows thirty five percent of americans who said free trade agreements were good for the u.s. well forty four percent said they were that basically the majority of americans surveyed felt the same way as those who wrote of free trade agreements are not going to help the u.s. economy so then the question is if these new trade agreements are being signed tomorrow whose opinion are the politicians in washington really listening to. now as always thank you for your responses and here's our next question for you earlier in the show we spoke with gene healy of the cato institute about the u.s. intervention in uganda that was announced last week so i want to what you think should be u.s. be sending troops you got if you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and you know his response which is not making there. now ever since occupy wall street start of a little over a month ago we've seen spin off movements pop up all over the world just yesterday we told you about occupy the board room which was launched. over the weekend and
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today the same magazine that helped start occupy movement proposed a tax idea and the classic tale of robin hood took from the rich gave the poor a let's imagine for a second that the banks represent the rich and the situation hard to imagine i know and the tax plan is called the robin hood tax plan so the proposal is a one percent financial tax on all financial transactions and currency trades adbusters is calling for a global march on october twenty ninth the day before the g twenty leaders summit in france to demand that leaders impose that tax immediately so in an open statement from the vancouver based magazine it said let's send them a clear message we want you to slow down some about one point three trillion dollars in easy money that sloshing around the global casino each day and not cash to fund every social program and environmental initiative in the world if anyone out there is wondering if they've heard this concept before well they probably have economists or proposed similar financial times in the past and the new york times last year economics professor nancy fold predicted a prob policy like this would raise one hundred seventy five billion dollars in
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revenue here and as a web site out of the u.k. called robin hood tax dot org and i discussed as how this concept could be beneficial to everyone and even had a few famous faces take part in a series of ideas. it's. just the world will surely will. all right so i know a lot of you probably thinking if this concept has been around for a while then what difference would it make to stage a global march for it now well i was a street movement finally has the attention of the world so i argue that now seems like a better time than ever to start making concrete demands but somehow feeling a tax that would fundamentally alter our financial system that's one that's going
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to make a lot of people in this country like republicans scream bloody murder. and much of today's news cycles focused on the news that moammar gadhafi has been killed let's not forget that there is a movement going on right here in the u.s. when you could say it was in some respects inspired by the arab spring the revolutions in egypt and tunisia that also inspired uprisings in yemen bahrain syria and libya strange how that works isn't it but the one of the things that we've seen most of the arab spring has unfolded are clearing examples of hypocrisy where to intervene where to stand idly by and of course i guess none of that chalk us because we know that politicians do hypocrisy best take for example president obama's attempts to invoke occupy wall street on his jobs tour have a senior advisers going cable television tell the people of the president is on their side all of that without getting too close or endorsing the movement too much and all of that while taking in huge swaths of cash from wall street they just face go the new york times reported that mitt romney had taken in more wall street not even president obama had so far in campaign donations today the washington post for
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a few did that report said that in fact president obama had more wall street cash because he also has the d.n.c. funds but at the end of the day does it really matter who has more as long as everybody keeps playing the same game joining me here in los angeles to discuss it is and is fairy and co-host of the young turds. and i want to thank you for joining us tonight and what do you see here the one hand sure it matters at the end of the day how much money who gets from who but isn't this part of the problem that no matter what party you're a part of a democrat or republican if you're obama or mitt romney you're still going to take all the last free cash you can get and never say no to it absolutely it's the number one problem in our political system and i would argue it's the number one reason why we're seeing so many people protesting not only in this country but we're seeing people protesting and supporting the occupy movement in other countries it's because politicians are easily bought and it doesn't matter how much obama was able to raise from wall street versus how much mitt romney was able to
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raise from wall street these politicians are bought easily and you know a couple thousand dollars goes a very very long way with them so one of the things that we need to find a way to change is big big corporations in politics we need to take the corporate money out of politics well actually i know about something that you know that jane who do the young turks with has been very vocal about and i know that last night he went down to occupy wall street and park and made an announcement during the general assembly so can you tell us a little bit more about. sure jake ugur has created something known as wealth pac and what he wants to do is he wants to create a constitutional amendment that would take corporate money out of politics because it's like an infection and what you see right now is that our politicians are not representing the people who elected them they're representing corporations and big business so what he wants to do is limit the amount of money that corporations can donate and he also first of all wants to overturn citizens united because he does
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not believe that corporations are people who are protected under the first amendment and also when it comes to contributions we would like to see the contributions limited to one hundred dollars now that might seem like a tiny amount of money but it makes more sense to have publicly funded campaigns as opposed to having these private corporations fund these campaigns with hundreds of thousands of dollars because in the end as i mentioned you see people who are not being represented in the government and you see representatives passing deregulation and passing policy that is favorable to the big banks and to the corporations and it has completely infected our government and destroyed our democracy i'm just curious what was the response from those occupy wall street guys emails about that because one of the things is cannot have demands and so here's a very specific plan of action. you're absolutely right about that it's a very clear and concise goal and that's what i love about it and i think that's what most people love about it because it's something that you can look at it has
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very specific details and you can actually take part in it and make real change in the country so so far the response has been amazing you know we have this saying at young turks the army is too strong you know anyone who is supportive of our cause and of our show is part of the army and you know people in our army are just so riled up about this and it's a really inspirational moment for me personally to see all of these people become politically active you know donate their funds to this wolfpack you know whatever they can donate it doesn't have to be a significant amount of money and you know volunteer i think that's another important aspect of this we have thousands of people who have already made a pledge to volunteer to this movement and we're asking people to occupy state houses until you know this constitutional amendment gets considered and i think that it's it's not going to be a easy thing to do but i do believe that the army is too strong i do believe that there are people out there who are fed up with corporations taking over our
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political system and i think that in the end we will come out victorious you know there's definitely something going on right now the country and people are waking up and we see that by the fact of the movement has spread all across the country but you know one of the main things is that they think that our political system is broken that both parties are you know to blame here and so it's really interesting to keep hearing this back and forth rhetoric from the obama administration the lots to say that it supports the protesters and understands the taking all the wall street cash well he has a bunch of guys from austria working in his administration and i'm just wondering do you think about actually fools anybody or do you think that those you know there are some people out there there was a poll for example yesterday that said that they do nine percent of americans agree with occupy wall street maybe it do you think that's going to affect the people that are sitting on their couches that you know haven't actually gone out to join a protest but just kind of like the sound the trying of it. i think so i think that these protests are slowly but surely starting to inspire more and more people like
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keep in mind that when occupy wall street first began a little over a month ago people didn't take it too seriously you know there were maybe a couple thousand people at occupy wall street the media was making fun of it or not covering it all covering it at all you see a lot of people be little ing it but now all of a sudden you know you see thousands of people and more than four hundred cities in the united states having an occupying movement happening right now and also it's inspired people in other countries with which i think speaks volumes and you know a lot of people have attempted to co-opt this movement which is so maddening even members of the republican party have tried to co-opt this movement you have mitt romney and you also have. you know newt gingrich at first you know they're very sure about this movement they're very i guess they've brushed it off their shoulder and they think it's not a big deal in fact mitt romney called it dangerous and now all of a sudden they're saying oh well i understand their frustrations absolutely i'm on
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their side please so i think that it's starting to become highly influential and that's good news in my opinion but i think that you know about the fact that we've obviously seen a lot of mockery go towards but there's also been a lot of vilification i feel like you know now there's a scandal because the hash tag symbol that they put in tape on their arms somebody compared it looked like a swastika because now they're all communists because the socialist party in the united states that they support the movement and what do you think of those types of attacks and does that show you that the right wing is is actually scared here or is that i guess just typical i mean i don't think it's fair to equate entire movement with a couple of people because we heard the same thing when it was the with the tea party. you know first of all i think that it's asinine that the right wing would make such accusations of course they're doing whatever they can to smear occupy wall street and it makes me sick to my stomach but it's also unsurprising another thing that's very surprising about this is the fact that it is being covered by the
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mainstream media as if these are legitimate claims at the same time the tea party just recently urged small business owners to not hire any employees under any circumstances so they can hurt obama's campaign and you know the elections in two thousand and twelve so they can show that barack obama is destructive to the economy why isn't that a big news story they're asking small businesses to make sure that they keep people unemployed you know that i think is something that is rightfully should be rightfully vilified but the mainstream media doesn't cover it no one talks about it in fact we're talking about a hash tag looking like a swastika how ridiculous is that i mean it's maddening it's maddening and you know you have andrew breitbart you have the right wing you have all of these people who are against occupy wall street trying to smear them in one way or another people accusing them of being there for free food it's stupid it's asinine and you know what to be honest with you i think that if anything it's probably encouraging
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people and motivating people more and occupy wall street because the more you try to put them down the stronger they're going to be and i love. thank you so much for joining us tonight and you're right there in terms of that tea party nation story i want to make everybody suffer so a single party can weigh in which tells you how much they're thinking about the greater good thanks so much. and i'll go anywhere there's still a lot more to come typewritten for you tonight school time winner and in our happy hour movie fans their own occupy movement to follow and south park takes a half of the three people. thank you the police corruption i thank. protesting nobody seems to know. the number of pepper
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sprayed the face but a lot of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. think you understand it and then something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize that everything is ok. i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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mr. all right it's time for tonight's tool time award tonight it goes to national public radio for hurting the career of a radio host all in an attempt to quell
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a controversy said that there was actually no controversy at all just fake outrage being peddled by roll call the daily caller and of course fox news because of what a manufactured scandal be without fox news and i want to get back to the story see roll call the daily caller and fox all right with a story that a host of an n.p.r. talk show was acting as the spokes person for the october twenty seventh protests at the anti-war movement that's being held here in washington d.c. which we've covered on this show and simeoni was in fact participating in these protests and actually here's a clip of her expressing what exactly she was protesting for not war not slaughter not mayhem not to struction but life peace justice that's what we want that's what we're going to demand. now the implication of the stories put out there was that the host lisa simeoni was participating in p r work while being an employee at n.p.r. something strictly forbidden for n.p.r. employees there's a little problem here lisa simeoni isn't n.p.r.
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employees she's the host of q. shows which have nothing to do with politics one called sound current which is aired on an n.p.r. affiliate and world of opera which is produced by an n.p.r. affiliate so you would think that n.p.r. would simply brush the polka interest the way she doesn't work for them she doesn't get paid by them a show host show which deals strictly with culture with opera not with politics but you would have thought wrong because n.p.r. did exactly the opposite they fired off an e-mail to staffers saying if they of course take this issue very seriously we really are taking a freelancer staffer an n.p.r. affiliate who does not work for them is not paid by them participating in a protest very seriously why i think somebody actually put it best when she said what is n.p.r. frayed i'll do insert a seditious comment into a synopsis of madame butterfly apparently they are and so is one of the stations who said he works for she was fired last night from her role on the show sound print and thankfully the the affiliate who produces that show world opera did not fire simeoni and they stated that while they respect n.p.r.'s mission to serve as
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a leading news provider they exist on the other hand to serve as a leading provider of arts and cultural programming so i commend the for not buckling under the pressure of n.p.r. and their absurd concern for an employee of one of their affiliates participating in anti-war protests i do still have the tools i'm going to allow so tonight's tools i'm award is going straight to n.p.r. for being so paranoid about a fake right wing controversy they're actually willing to get a woman fired over it. i'm a guy so i'm for happy hour and join. to me this evening as our chief producer jenny churchill and alex cites all assistant editor for think progress dot org thanks for joining me guys so you know campaign season. rick perry mitt romney apparently hate each other as we all figured out this last debate so now they're
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having a lot of attack ads that go back and forth and so first let's take a look at this anti perry ad that mitt romney campaign put out and then basically it's just paint him as a total moron and actually hold it but we have a little clip let's listen to. i think i ever heard him a little in my life. and they had illegal immigrants to work in there. i'm really appreciate that there are legal privileges you should your choice there's no . other reason to look. ok just kidding we're going to be anti perry when next that was the anti romney ad that he put out talking about what misleading so lying the s.o.b mitt romney is i think kind of doubt the misleading i like about to define it though it's like that's so american like misleading in the dictionary definition you can find. i mean i they didn't say
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anything that wasn't true in that ad and then they had to fight it kind of confirms mitt romney's point that rick perry and his campaign might not be the smartest the kind of ok but let's look at the perry campaign ad and i'm sure the clip. it's all ok so. understand rick perry love to get the ball rolling with you with this cold he seemed to be able. to lower the last debate. he doesn't have it in the fall but he was short. lived. with the other republicans. it's a busy bridge he made it look as stupid as they could but we're just like the before he was before i mean you have so much good material you cannot use that and i completely disagree i thought every bit of that ad was wonderful and it was the first time i've really excited about the possibility of someone adventures the
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before you get for i think it's wonderful because now this is first time i thought s n l is going to be amazing and you know if he wins the nomination we're in for a month's worth of awesome entertainment yeah i think it's kind of a mistake on his part to elevate rick perry people already think he's done the washington post did a poll and the third most associated with the with rick perry was here so americans are you know this one and now they pulled the ad so now of course it's only getting more attention which it's kind of interesting about actually back now and decided to get rid of it and interesting that they had no call to produce it and they did a pastoral with the whatever. that's a lesson now let's take a look at something the adult who is in maroon five decided to tweet and he tweeted to fox news he says dear fox news don't play our music on your evil f. ing it channel ever again thank you which i just really like you actually tweeted
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out to them and fox news had a little response or little discussion about that to take a look. it's coming up. with. i know what that is. literally yes if you go to i tunes and search under the category called crack that comes up i guess that makes sense i do know chris morton once you know about being unfair except for making coldplay seem edgy. thing ok who wins here. i mean i just i love the business model we're going to use your song because it's good enough for us to play our crappy television show and so when you're out yes we're going to talk about how crappy. i think they're both i mean i'm not a fan of either and i really have to give some points. but otherwise
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but i kind of like that called you know you're evil f. ing channel yeah and i would like to point out that if you change a few words that tweet could have been from you like dear g.o.p. candidates please stop using my clips and you're having crappy commercials. ok i think if you're a song about fox news then he would definitely win. and i bet you could do a better job. because it might make a little bit more sense i think you could actually study logic together. like you know that other story here south park apparently did a little i love south park you love it love it love it by the way so. we're able to insert we take a look. right behind you the kids are you know. what
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else stupid rat is in charge of eavesdropper. it says your name is. it's not bradley manning it's just a little brat you guys and you know no i didn't actually this was news to me and i get all of my news from south park so i do like what they're like with the times better we all know the drill in the song transcribe so you should be pretty happy about the rap portrayal thing that's where the best trills is in the mainstream media yeah i did i find it interesting that they haven't touched on it until after julian kind of fall and from that i kind of grew that what took them so long are we got to do this last story really quickly. basically some people out there. put out a thing for occupy more doors because one ring should not be allowed to rule them and this is just shows you how far cry wall street is really is really going to now you have like the lord the rings fans and the gamers out there you know if you play
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more door i'm totally down i am too i'm a little concerned about how they're going to execute because if you know anything about lord of the rings you know that one does not simply walk into more door so i don't know how they're going to occupy i'm a little concerned excellent point i mean if they can do it in wall street but you know the occupy protests are they called hippies they've been called trust founders maybe they're just nerds. i don't think that maybe they're just maybe they're just geeks ok and then really quick breaking news update for you it turns out that the purpose monkey still on the loose i guess things are going to be a night that's it for night so thanks for tuning in i make sure you come back tomorrow lawrence wilkerson former chief of staff to colin powell for me back on the shelf and meantime don't forget me and a few other show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of the night's show or any other nights he carries you to slash the longer show and interviews as well as the show in its entirety and coming up next it's.
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